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Two Words no one in law enforcement wants to hear.

Imagine This

An officer is sent to a domestic violence call. He’s speaking with the wife who’s crying, bleeding and bruised.  The next thing he knows, a guy grabs him around the neck from behind.
What does he do?

An officer pulls a car over because it’s crossed the center line.  She gets the driver out of the car for questioning when suddenly the man and his passenger jump out and start attacking her.
What does she do?

An officer has just witnessed a drug buy and walks up to confronts the seller.  The officer hears a noise and realizes there’s now someone behind him holding a gun to his head.
What does he do?

Like it or not, these are real life scenarios that happen on a daily basis to those brave men and women hired to protect us. 
Unfortunately, most law enforcement officers are ill-equipped to handle these situations. 
But it’s not their fault!

Basic Training Is not enough!

The Police academy only provides 40 hours of physical tactics training.

There is a huge difference between a cop dealing with a bad guy and a basic street fight or wrestling match.  Unfortunately, most police training programs make little distinction.  They teach a handful of techniques after which officers are supposed to overpower any size suspect. The state only requires 2 hours of physical tactics training per year! That’s not enough!  With regular training, officers would be better equipped to handle real life situations. 
The ugly truth:

Criminals Have the Advantage

These aren’t fair fights.  There may be 2 or 10 perpetrators attacking one officer.

There's no "Tapping Out"

Once a bad guy starts choking an officer, he isn’t likely to stop.  A bad guy may produce a weapon… Now what?

When an officer pulls a gun, everything changes.

The situation immediately escalates, and even after, the officer becomes a target for sleazy lawyers, even when following protocol.

Officers pay out of pocket for additional training

Officers on average start at $45k per year.  After taxes, rent, food, and other basic necessities, there’s not much left for training.

Our System Saves Lives!

By mastering Revolution Fitness Center’s Law Enforcement Training System, officers will have the ability to handle situations that often times require them to draw their firearm.  Almost always, police shootings are justified.  But there are many times and officer trained in our system would have been able to handle it without drawing their weapon.

These are battle-tested tactics designed for law enforcement self-defense that work!

We offer 20 classes per week of officer training.
2 officer specific classes per week.
Bi-monthly seminars on physical tactics.

Officers Need Your Help!

We’ve started our Support an Officer Sponsorship Program.  For a low price you can sponsor one or more of our local law enforcement officers so they can receive this valuable, lifesaving training.  This is such an important project for Revolution Fitness Center that we have reduced the cost of our system to basically a “break even” price.  Even at this price, it is still financially out of reach for many of our officers.  Especially the newer officers fresh out of the academy.  Remember, these are not officers 500 miles from here.  These are officers protecting your community, your family, and keeping you safe.

Here is an opportunity for you to really make a difference.

The value of this program is enormous.  It benefits so many people in so many ways.  Should you or your company elect to become one of our honored sponsors, you will receive the following:

Bronze Level

  • Listed as a sponsor on our website
  • Invite to our Annual Law Enforcement Appreciated Dinner where police are honored.

Silver Level

  • Everything in bronze level
  • Decal for your vehicles to show the community your support the police

Gold Level

  • Includes bronze and silver
  • An opportunity to observe training during our Honor Our Sponsor dates
  • VIP seating to our Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner
  • Framed Certificate acknowledging your commitment to local law enforcement and signed by the officers.