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What Is Safe Society?

In 2023 we launched the Safe Society Foundation, a 501 C3 organization that allows us to teach the S.A.F.E. system at no cost.”

Todd Brown – Founder

Our Mission

We are committed to: Training law enforcement to safely and effectively police the community.  Empowering women to feel safe by defending themselves and their loved ones.  Training children to overcome bullying and confidence issues by giving them the tools to feel safe and strong. And by training Veterans to assimilate back to society: mind, body, and soul.

safe Physical Tactics

S.A.F.E. has been developed with law enforcement over 20 years of real life policing. The system is based in multiple martial arts forms and was developed to maximize effectiveness.  Our program covers not only physical tactics on how to defend from an attacker, but also how to deescalate situations to avoid force to avoid deadly encounters.


The goal of any attack no matter how severe is to SURVIVE for yourself, your friends and your family. We value life and strive to teach techniques that will help you SURVIVE!!


All attacks are different from the size of a person to the location it happens, we open the mind so that you have the ability to quickly ADAPT to any attack!


Every attack must be with the most violent FIGHT you physically able to unleash to not become a victim.


The goal and what to prioritize is the ESCAPE, getting out of the situation and making it home to your loved ones, SAFE!